Python for MBAs

Python for MBAs

In 2021, I re-designed the entire Python curriculum at Columbia Business School. We wanted to achieve two aims, at odds with each other.

  • Make the Python curriculum accessible to all students, even those with no coding experience.
  • Make the Python classes substantive - not just syntax, but real business cases and advanced Python functionality.

To achieve both aims, we built a three-tier Python curriculum.

  • First, a not-for-credit Canvas class, comprising four hours fifteen minutes of videos I recorded to cover the basics of Python. This is provided in conjunction with a custom-designed platform - which we created from scratch - which students could use to practice the concepts in the videos. Here is a screenshot of the system

    The content in this class mirrors the content in the first part of the book I wrote with Matten Griffel, Python for MBAs (table of contents, sample page).

  • Second, a Basic Python Qualification Exam, on the same platform, where students can test their knowledge of the material in the basic course.
  • Finally, the for-credit class Python for MBAs, a deep-dive into real-life Python functionality that uses real case studies (many of which are listed under "Projects & Research".

I've helped several instructors at other schools implement similar curricula at their schools - feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to discuss.